Monday, February 8, 2010

The Virginia Reel

I've read in history books that The Virginia Reel was George Washington's favorite dance.   As I explain the dance to my 3rd graders, there is much giggling.  Ew...touching hands!  I tell them the story of "long ago" before electricity and television and video games and MP3 players and computers when people got together to sing and dance and cook and hunt and quilt and play games.  These were their fun times. 

I draw a fishing rod and reel on the board.  I also draw an old film reel-to-reel projector which most have never seen.  I show them the difference in spelling "reel" and "real." They start to get interested as the time moves along.

We start the dance instruction with plain hand sanitizer and I tell them that I will reward them at the end of the class with fun smelling hand sanitizer...if...they have been polite.  Today was Fresh Lemon.  Incentive does wonders toward encouraging proper behavior.   They were great and they can't wait until next Monday when we will do it again!  Yay!

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