Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week-ends for me...

I spend time each week-end tweaking lesson plans, entering grades and preparing for the week to come.   As a traveling teacher, I don't have much time during the day to plan.  My classes are all back to back...out goes one class and in comes the next!  I have a 15 min. break at Wallace and a 10 min. break at Juniata.  I have more time for planning at Ayr but I don't have a room so I guess I exchange one convenience for another.  :o) 

So today I will finish listening to 6th grade Bach podcasts, review plans for the week and refresh my mind and body as to how to dance the Virginia Reel.  This was George Washington's favorite says the history books.  :o)  Wed. is the Spelling Bee and I think I will be the aural announcer again.  It was one year ago that I did this while still on intravenous steroids because of my first MS exacerbation.  What a wild experience!   I have my vision back and am so grateful.  Onward.

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