Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Nebraska!

On March 1, 1867, Nebraska became the 37th state added to the United States of America.  We celebrated in music class by singing our wonderful state song, Beautiful Nebraska It was written by Jim Fras and became our state song in 1967, during Nebraska's centennial celebration.   We use actions as we sing to illustrate this beautiful ballad.  I also incorporate a Keynote presentation that highlights authentic Nebraska pictures.  In 2007, a bill was introduced in the Nebraska legislature to change the state song.  I launched a campaign by the use of letters to the editor of many state newspapers.  The AP picked up my Op Ed letter and ran a comment about in in the national paper, USA today!  I went to a legislative hearing to voice my protest to the bill which was introduced by our respected friend and congressman, Carroll Burling.  I am happy to say that it made a difference and we retained our amazing state song.

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