Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lovin' The Moment - In Progress

Lovin' The Moment - In Progress
This is a song that three included...are writing...only two of the friends did not know each other before this started!  I posted a FaceBook status one day about the beauty of sitting on my porch and all the lovely things around me and one friend said, That's a country song if I ever heard one."   I said, "Go for it Sarah."  She said, "I need a melody."  The other friend said, "I have a melody."  And thus...the conception of a song was born.  Sarah had a verse, Sandy had a tune, I had a chorus idea that blended with Sarah's.  I opened Garage Band and began to arrange and sing and learn.  We began working with scans and messages and ideas back and forth and it has finally all come together.  We are going to copyright it and send it to producers for consideration.  Who knows...maybe someone will want to sing it...besides us of course.  It's an ongoing and delightful endeavor!  

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