Monday, June 7, 2010

Studying Music Makes You Smarter

Studying Music Makes You Smarter

Studying Music Makes You Smarter

This is for everyone who wishes their parents hadn’t signed them up for music lessons! According to the health and wellness website, practicing an instrument makes you smarter and improves your prospects for the future. How so?

  • First: Learning music makes you smarter. A study at the University of Toronto study found that grade school kids who took either piano or voice lessons had a three point increase in IQ compared to kids who received no musical training.
  • Also:When scientists assigned five piano finger exercises to non-musicians, there were changes in their brains in less than a week. Connections between the problem-solving regions of the brain improved, and the area dedicated to finger movement increased in size. That’s the same area of the brain that controls memory and language skills.
  • Speaking of language: A study at Northwestern University found that people with musical training have an easier time learning a second language.
  • One final reason taking music lessons is smart: They’ll help you get into college. According to the U.S. Department of Education, high school students who study music get better SAT scores. Students who study music also tend to have higher GPAs and higher acceptance rates to medical school.

Still not convinced that studying music is smart? Let me leave you with this: As a boy, Albert Einstein struggled in school, but instead of following his teacher’s advice and getting him a tutor, Einstein’s parents bought him a violin. He credited the instrument with making his scientific breakthroughs possible, and played it whenever he was working on a tough problem.

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