Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jump Band Music and Tempos

We have had such fun this year jumping with Jump Bands and learning about TEMPO!  I have a new app on my iPod Touch called Tempo Tapper which allows us to find the tempo of each piece we use.  It's fun to listen and try to figure it out!  Below is a list of the songs we have used this year and their corresponding tempos.  We do NOT recommend Eye of the Tiger.  It's just included because many students want to try it.  They think it will be great's WAY TOO SLOW!   Enjoy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Star-Spangled Banner 3rd and 4th graders

Approximately 50 of my 3rd and 4th graders from 3 different schools.
Singing in our socks! These children rock!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jazz Podcasts - 5th and 6th graders

I have several students' Jazz podcasts up on my Podbean Site.
What a good job they did!

Mrs. Lukow’s Podcast Site

The King and I Children's Cast LIst

Congratulations everyone!

Prince Chululongkorn..........Noah Carpenter
Louis Leonowens................Brady Conant
Princess Ying Yaowlak.........Hannah Lonowski

Princesses                                       Princes
Beth Gill                                             Kieren Feeney                           
Mackenzie Heneger                            Max Granstrom
Sarina Janssen                                   Makena Lindblad
Kati Jurrens                                       Carson Miller
Rachel Kort                                        Jaden Nienhueser
Jasmine Kuester                                Nathan Riggs
Hannah Lonowski                               Tristan Weston
Abby Queen
Rachel Saathoff
Sydney Shestak
Regan Thomas

Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting to Know You from The King and I

I am so excited to watch this at Adams Central!

Auditions for "The King And I"


 Auditions for the children's chorus of "The King and I" will be on Monday, Jan. 24th from 5-7 in the choir room of Adams Central. Parents please come with your children so the directors know they have your permission.

They will need to sing "My Country tis of Thee" starting on F and they will read some dialogue provided by the directors. Rehearsals for the children will be early evening or after school... depending on when they are all available. The last 2 weeks before the performance they will put in some evenings that may be a little later.....never after 10:00.

 I will be handing out words to the song and the dialogue today at school. We will also review the song a couple of times. Here is a link to the words and a piano accompaniment they can practice with over the week-end.

My Country "Tis Of Thee"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some fun for Nebraskans...sent from a friend.

A Trip Through Nebraska
                       from a Postmasters point of view

   This past summer, I traveled throughout the colorful State of Nebraska, in search of a Blue Hill, a Red Cloud, or a Silver Creek, but what I stumbled across was Clay Center, Brownville, Greenwood, and Roseland.

   I began my trip by traveling Inland, and then headed south to North Loup, then north to South Sioux City. I got turned around in Loup City, headed the wrong direction out of South Bend, and back on track at North Bend.  It was then I discovered that West Point is in the east, Central City was off Center, Malcom isn’t in the middle, and the Brady bunch lived east of North Platte.

   There were towns along the way that really rocked.  Guide Rock, Rockville, Table Rock, and Keystone: but, to my Surprise, there was no rock at Plymouth.

   The weather cooperated for the most part, but after a heavy rain, the flood Gates opened and flooded theValley with Clearwater.  I was then stuck in White Clay for a day.  McCool Junction was like . . . Burr.

   The trip wasn’t without Hazard though.  I had to Dodge a Beaver Crossing the Wood River (probably on his way to Beaver City).  Had the Dickens scared out of me by an Archer with a Broken Bow, chased up an oldOak tree by a Bassett hound, suffered an allergic reaction to Angora wool, kicked by a Holstein, fell from aButte, stung by a Bee, had to wade through Broadwater, pooped on by an Eagle, pricked by a Rose, stepped on by an Angus, attacked by a Gibbon, experienced the Pierce of an Elkhorn.  Took a bad tumble in Falls City, but was back on my feet at Rising City.  Had to fight my way out of Battle Creek, nearly met my Waterloowhen I was mobbed at Lynch, and almost drowned in Weeping Water.

   Although I didn’t have the time to visit every Nebraska City, I was still able to Foster an Alliance with many a new Friend.  The people in Laurel and Hardy really made me laugh, but those in Crab Orchard were a bit grumpy.  Folks in Homer were a big hit.  At times I was treated like a Champion and shown the Royaltreatment.  Received a nice greeting in Valentine, but the town I was most attracted to had to be Magnet.

   I always had plenty of food and drink along the way.  Everything from Concord grapes to Bartlett pears, blackAngus steaks to Hershey bars.  Never had to Cook and never had to open a can of Worms.

   The Nebraska nights were awesome.  Auburn sunsets and Sterling moons.  From the Flats in the east, where the Aurora borealis unfolds into Plainview, to the Western hills where you can see the Sparks coming out of Chimney Rock.

   The entire Nebraska adventure was like a Page out of history.  After passing through Colon, I realized my trip had just come to . . . the end!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rockin' Recorders

Because of a snow day and me not having all my materials for my Tuesday classes, if we have school, we will be using the recorder pieces on this great web-site at Ayr for 3rd and 4th grades. Always have a back-up plan!

rockin' recorders students

Just got the school tomorrow.
Two snow days in a row!

Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music

This is not great quality of video but it IS great quality of music!
2nd grade will be singing and performing this piece this week.
K-2nd will work on it at Ayr.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Instruments! ~ Kindergarten!

Kindergartners are going to check out the instruments on this Nashville Symphony Website!

NSO Kids -- Home

Monday, January 3, 2011

Let Freedom Swing

We will be using these videos in February with 5th and 6th grades. enjoy!

YouTube Videos

In the coming weeks, 5th and 6th graders will be immersed in Jazz.  A part of that will be showing YouTube videos.  I want to let families know that I use the web-browser Google Chrome which has an extension that allows me to turn off comments for videos.  Although YouTube has a wealth of history stored in music videos, the comments are often unmonitored.  Because of that,  I choose to hide all comments from my students.

If you watch any of these videos at home with your children, and I hope you do, please be aware that some of the comments may be crass and inappropriate for children.

You can get it here:
Chrome Extension - Hide YouTube Comments