Friday, January 21, 2011

Auditions for "The King And I"


 Auditions for the children's chorus of "The King and I" will be on Monday, Jan. 24th from 5-7 in the choir room of Adams Central. Parents please come with your children so the directors know they have your permission.

They will need to sing "My Country tis of Thee" starting on F and they will read some dialogue provided by the directors. Rehearsals for the children will be early evening or after school... depending on when they are all available. The last 2 weeks before the performance they will put in some evenings that may be a little later.....never after 10:00.

 I will be handing out words to the song and the dialogue today at school. We will also review the song a couple of times. Here is a link to the words and a piano accompaniment they can practice with over the week-end.

My Country "Tis Of Thee"

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