Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Backgrounds

Oh my goodness!  I love to change up my blog background!  I love long as I'm in control of it!  Who likes change for the worse?  Yuck!  But...changing my blog background is free and fun.  I know...I've read experts that say you should not do this as it confuses folks and they don't know where they are!  I think though it may become a staple for me...change the background for the season!  And we all know there are more than four seasons!  There's back-to-school and Autumn and harvest and first snow and Thanksgiving and Christmas and winter and Valentines and Spring and Summer and on and on.  Here are two places I like to browse for fun backgrounds:

The Cutest Blog On The Block
Hot Bliggity Blog

Why not make a blog of your own and dress it up?


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  1. What a wonderful breath of fresh air these young men are!!! Do you remember the wonderful Firestone Christmas albums from the 1960s with Julie Andrews and so many other great voices? That kind of vocal quality still exists, and it's waiting for you on this beautiful CD.


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