Saturday, October 20, 2012

I did something this year that I really like!  I taught my 4th grade students the piece they will play on our December program by rote.  Then then notated the rhythms together on the board.  We wrote in the letter names under the rhythms.  We practiced as we read what we wrote.  I had them copy that on note book paper.  We played as they looked at what they wrote.  We corrected and took papers home.   I notated their piece on Noteflight.  They got staff paper that I made here.  They transcribed their piece and we practiced from our own scores.

This photo is one terrific example of their work!

They took their papers home to practice and share with families.   I will give them their "official" music this week.  You can find it here at Music K8.   Yep, definitely doing this every year.  What a great learning process! 

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