Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting 3 schools ready for 3 big Holiday programs is a TASK!  But organization is saving me!  I have the dates until the programs written on the boards at each school and I erase one day at a time when we are done.  I refer to it several times throughout the day.  This saves me explanations over and over again as to how much time we have left!  Students will often ask, "When is the program Mrs. Lukow."  I simply gesture elegantly to the board and say, "Viola!"   This saves me frustration!  I have extra copies of papers they will forget or lose available on music stands.  No questions asked, just take another one.  I also have tape on the floor!  This saves time and confusion.  They know where to stand in a snap.  At least they should.  :o)  Whew.  Now time for relaxation over Thanksgiving!  Hopefully!

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  1. I am with you! Three schools!?! WOW! I'm stressing with just 2!!! I hope your programs go well! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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