Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recorder Evaluation via iPad app

I am using Denise Gange's "Let's Play Recorder" app for the iPad.
Let's Play Recorder - iTunes - It's truly fabulous!

To evaluate my 3rd grade students' progress, I instructed them to choose two measures from one of the pieces, a lovely Japanese folk tune called Kagome.  We reviewed what a measure is and then I asked for volunteers.  They told me which two measures they would like to play and they proceeded to play for me and the class while seated at their place on the floor.

It was perfect.  I was able to evaluate by their choice of measure and their accuracy of play.  If a student needed a little help, I suggested we all play those two measures together.  "Thanks everyone. We're here to help each other."  Some students chose the most difficult measures and played with ease.  Others chose the easiest and chugged slowly along.  Everyone played and felt validated, being able to chose their own level.

Today was a successful day.

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