Monday, November 11, 2013

How Do We Remember All Those Words?

K8 KidTune: Over The River

My K-3 classes are having a little trouble with the quickness and profusion of words in Over The River. They follow my lead well but I want them to think on their own so...

I had 3rd grade sit in a circle with their eyes open and sing the song. I saw them watching 3 boys so I took them out of the circle. I took one more girl out a little later. They sat in their own circle. 

I had the large circle close their eyes and sing again. When they stumbled, we would stop, speak the words slowly and start singing again. I had them play the song like a movie in their mind. Grandma's cap is yellow with a green pom-pom and purple horses printed on it.'s dirty. 

They have "home fun" tonight. Sing the song to themselves when they are going to sleep. I want them to be leaders, thinkers, rememberers. We are improving.

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