Sunday, August 23, 2015

What's on Your Wall Mrs. Lukow?

I teach in 3 schools and my wall spaces consist of bricks, doors, 
bulletin boards, windows and room dividers!  
Here is a sampling of my
visually posted teaching materials!
I got these really cute animal rhythms at:
From Musical Mayhem to Mastery!
I have these words-definitions for sale at my TPT store!
Kristin Lukow's Teaching In Joy -
Musical Word Wall with Meanings!

These posters are hung at every one of my schools.
They cluster together what is most important to me,
American Patriotic music!
I don't think they are available any more!  Too bad!!
Even though the theme is "What's on your WALL?"
I have to show what's on my floor!

We do lots of activities with this floor staff!
(I have wall staves at my other two schools!)

I leave this bulletin board up all year at one school.
These are plates I got years ago at the grocery store!
Old sheet music lines the back!
I even have an old chalkboard still mounted at one school.
It changes throughout the year.
Students like to add musical art!  


  1. Looking good! I love your floor staff. I haven't ever used different colors. That is a SUPER idea! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I also have an old chalkboard at one of my schools. I use it for the decoding song of the week for second and third grades.

  3. Yes! The floor staff is really great! I am sure there are lots of games to go along with it!


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