Sunday, February 21, 2016

My students love Jazz.  Who doesn't love Jazz?  Seriously get yourself over to this web-site and check out these 3 short, informative and fascinating videos.  Yes, they have a curriculum but it is too detailed for me.  I see my students one or two times a week on a three day rotation.  I want to get a feel for it and have a light worksheet to fill out while they watch.  You can get that here:

Let Freedom Swing Listening Worksheet

I share the questions with them FIRST and tell them to take notes.  Compete sentence are not required.  If they miss something, they will say it again in the video, please don't ask your neighbor!  I ask THEM, what is the point of YOU watching these videos?  They understand, I want them to be fascinated and inspired and to learn something.

Here is one of my favorite Jazz websites of all time:  Let Freedom Swing.

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