Friday, July 29, 2016

Rhythm Reading To The Oldies II by Kristin Lukow | Teachers Pay Teachers

 Ah! I'm having a SALE! I just uploaded my newest Rhythm Reading PowerPoints and to celebrate slowing down to concentrate on one thing long enough, I'm having a sale! 20% both Rhythm Reading creations AND my Basketballs to the Beat! This is just for 3 days so hurry over and get them while their on SALE!

Rhythm Reading To The Oldies II by Teaching Music In Joy with Kristin Lukow | Teachers Pay Teachers


  1. Kristin, could you explain how you present this to your students. Do you have them listen to the song first? Do you teach them each slide before putting them all together? I'm curious to the steps you take. Thanks!

  2. Hi Pam - I'm so sorry I have not been seeing my comments. Ug... I'd be glad to share! In the beginning, I showed each slide and had my student echo clap the rhythms. I still do this with beginning grades, 3rd and 4th. By the time mine are in 6th grade, barring my new students, these rhythms are easy for them. I like to surprise them with a new one every once in a while!


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