Wednesday, October 12, 2016

America, The Beautiful Writing Project

My 5th graders write their own verses to America, TheBeautiful  each year.  It usually takes three class periods and some homework!  Writing is challening but so worth it!   You can get my resource here on Teacher's Pay Teachers.

Oh, beautiful for tallest trees,
For how they sway so fun.
I see birds that land on them
Above me like the sun.
America, America,
So deep are your strong roots.
I climb so high.
And see the sky.
And I like your good fruits.

Oh, beautiful for green corn fields,
For rocks of name. (Think Mount Rushmore - my note.)
For every mountain far and near.
Above the ocean game.
America, America,
God made this land for me.
And help the good
In the neighborhood
From tree to swaying free.

Oh, beautiful for police that serve,
The cars lights shine so bright.
They rescue us when we need help.
Uniforms so stiff and tight.
America, America,
They catch thieves that commit crimes.
Their badges so gold.
Their life is so bold.
It's good that they are fine.

Oh, beautiful for bright blue skies,
For flowing rows of grain,
For forest mountain majesties,
Around the flowered plain.
America, America,
God's grace was shed for me.
Grateful, I'll be.
People fight for me.
From sea to gleaming sea.

Oh, beautiful for joyful skies
Where no one is in pain.
Our lands are great and free.
It's beautiful, you can't complain.
America, America,
God shed His grace on me,
And help the poor,
And win the war,
From sea to gleaming sea.

This one is from a hunter.
Oh, beautiful for waving corn,
For amber waves of wheat.
The color is so gorgeous
Above the tender meat.
America, America,
The crops make food for me.
We're thankful for our land.
With dry and hot sand,
It's so beautiful, you should agree!

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