Kid Funnies

I laugh every day that I teach! Kids really do say the funniest things.  I'd like to share some of them with you.

Driving home from school with his mom, a (very observant!) child says, "As old as Mrs. Kristin Lukow is, I never see a wrinkle on her.  I mean, I know it's common to moisturize and all, but this is just ridiculous. I think she's found the fountain of youth...or music."  Cracks. Me. Up.

A sweet 1st grade girl was sitting on my lap at a football game.  We talked about all kind of stuff.  She asked how old I was, and I told her, "51!"  She innocently asked, “Mrs. Lukow, did it take you a long time to get to get that old?”  ❤

While reviewing instrument families in first grade, I asked, "What family is left?"  We had already identified Brass, Woodwinds and Strings.  I pretended to play the cymbals is a HUGE way as I usually do and one little guy said, "I know! Perfection!  The Perfection family!" close young man!  Percussion.  Perfection.  Some would say it's the same thing. :)

4th grade girl: "Hey Mrs. Lukow, remember when I was new here last year and I was What the heck?! And now I'm like SO INTO music!" :-)

"Why are we singing SO MANY songs today?" quietly asks a befuddled 1st grader in the back row. "Because we practicing for the program...duh!" answers the boy next to her. I thought I had explained. ♥ Guess I'll have to keep emphasizing that.

"Mrs. Lukow, music days are the best days, first because music is just good and second because we get to see you." ♥

We were singing "America, the Beautiful" today. I have all kinds of books. I have a pop-up book. It it at Sams years ago. we looked at the pictures and reviewed the words, we got to the end of the first verse ..."from sea to shining sea." I told them how I love the ocean and asked if any of them had seen the ocean. One little guy said, "Oh yeah...I've seen it lots of times. I used to live in Colorado." ♥

Discussing the Star-Spangled Banner and The War of 1812 in 3rd grade, precocious boy asked, "What kind of weapons did they use Mrs. Lukow?" I humbly said, "Well...I am no weapons expert but I do know they had cannon balls." Excited girl blurted, "I know what those are, they eat people!"

A student was telling how to pronounce her name. I said, "Do you like it this way or that way?" She said, "People say it both ways." I said, "Well, what do YOU like?" She waited a moment and said, "Cats and Dogs!" I said, "That is awesome, me too." I'm still not sure how to pronounce her name.

We were looking at a part of some music that said to sing it in a "subdued" manner.  I asked my 5th graders if they knew what that meant.  They pondered a bit and then I said, "It's kind of like the OPPOSITE of my personality."  One boy said, "Boring?"  Aw....I love that child!

We read/sang the book, "I'll Love You Forever" in 1st grade. We were discussing the book and I reminded them that I was a gramma now. One (brilliant) boy said, "Yeah, but Mrs. are a gramma ROCK STAR!" :o)

We were reviewing note types in 2nd grade and one precocious boy said on the way out of the classroom... "Mrs. Lukow, I would NOT want to be room mates with a whole note!"  I asked why and he said... "Well...he would take up the WHOLE room!"

A 6th grade band student was showing her flute to my kinders.  She showed the parts; the head, the body and the foot. One little boy said, "Mrs. Lukow, the flute is just like us except it's NOT us!  It doesn't have hands!

Asking my kindergarten students what instrument they would like to play, they told me wonderful instruments like the harp and the piano and the electric guitar.   One sweet girl raised her hand very enthusiastically and said, "I like cheese!"

Finishing up the final dress rehearsal one morning, I asked if there were any more questions and I got the usual: "What if I have to sneeze?" "What if my shoe falls off?" "What if I have to go to the bathroom?" And...I got a new one... "Mrs. you know where I could buy a goat?"

Child: "Mrs. Lukow! I want to play the piano for pre-program music!"
Me: "What would you like to play sweetheart?"
Child: "Um...I don't know yet..."
Me: "Do you know how to play the piano?"
Child: "Not yet...but if I practice real hard I think I can get it by Monday."
Me: "I think maybe we'll wait until next year when you have a little more time."
Child...happily skipping off: "OK!"

A sweet girl was wearing a "Grumpy" shirt today and I asked, "Who can name all 7 dwarfs?" Another girl started naming them said: "Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Doc, Dopey and.......uh...........Cheesy?!"

Two sweet 4th grade girls: "Mrs. Lukow, we were singin' on the bus this morning and the bus driver was just LOOKIN' at us like this: (mean face) We think she's jealous!"

5th gr. boy: "Mrs. Lukow, will you practice that somersault for us?"
Me: "Umm...I'm not sure what you mean."
Boy: "You do it every year on the stage."
Me: " mean the cartwheel?"
Boy: "Yeah...I always get those mixed up."
Me: "Well...I'm having some back problems this year...I'm not sure if I will be able to do it!"
Boy: "You HAVE to do it! It's a school tradition!"
Me: "What have I done..."

We were playing hand bells in 1st grade. I have the students sit in rows in scale order. We play "Name That Tune" and they play as I point and they guess what the tune is. We did this a couple of times and one boy raised his hand and said, "Mrs. Lukow, it just doesn't ring a bell." We still laugh about that one!

A 1st grade girl said to me after I had come in from a particularly windy day, "Mrs. Lukow, you have rock star hair!" Ummm...I'm still not sure if this is a compliment!